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 We recognize addiction is a treatable disease.

There is no time frame, you are welcome to call Debra's house  your "Home" for as long as you would like.

Our home is furnished with you in mind to help you feel at peace and at ease. We provide the "things" that every home needs. Furniture, stocked kitchen with necessary supplies, beds, linens, bathroom towels and wash cloths, cable TV and WiFi.

Our main goal is for you to feel at home.

We partner with many non-profit agencies that can help you embrace this "New Day Dawning".  

We can connect you with agencies that can assist in your quality of life such as  AA/NA, Community Mental Health,

Network 180, MI Southwest Behavioral Health, etc.

We can help you FIND YOUR BALANCE.

Volunteers and organizations within the community that can help in education and in your self development. At time of application you will be asked questions that will help us detail this part of the program.

Do you need assistance in money management,  banking, making healthy choices in food or exercise, stress reduction, problem solving skills, cooking or social interaction or meet up groups? Would you like help getting connected spiritually? There are many opportunities that will help you find balance creating your best life.

We offer Peer support and Peer run groups

We support compassionate and medically assisted treatment practices for recovery. Locked medication as prescribed is permissible.

In house weekly meetings.

We use the latest in technology: computerized drug testing, smart technology for monitoring, data collection to assure that we are assisting in recovery and a highly skilled hands-on staff. Many of our staff came through our housing. They know addiction and recovery.

The Info You Need

1. Room charges must be paid on the first of the month. If there is a reason your room charge 

will be late the late fee is $50.00. No rent accepted after the 7th of the month. You are
responsible for making sure that your rent is paid, even if it is paid by another organization.
You will have to call the organization as frequently as needed.
2. If you do not communicate with us about paying your room charge and you are consistently
late on paying your room charge, you will be a 72-hour notice to pay or vacate. It is your full
responsibility to arrange for payment
3. You will be expected to pay a $200.00 supplies fee prior to entry. This fee is non-refundable.
We have a team that shops at Costco for toiletries and essential needs. Each participant will
pay a monthly fee of $20 to the Operations team. This fee is not charged when you are not
working and have no resources.
4. Please open a free bank account if you do not have a bank account. We take debit credit cards
for room charges. We do not accept cash or personal checks. We will accept money orders.
We send a text receipt via our card processing service to your cell phone. We will give you a
summary of any money that you have paid to us within 48 hours of request.
5. If you break the rules and are asked to leave, there is no refund.

Our Program: Admissions
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