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We want to help you work through difficulties by providing a safe and healthy environment. Rules help each person to know what is expected of them and helps contribute to a successful experience living in community. These rules are meant to help you and not to hurt you. These rules are part of our program and they are binding.  Any violation of the house rules will result in discharge from the program.


Demonstrate “A New Day is Dawning” commitment to the recovery process and maintain sobriety. We encourage you to be proactive in your recovery from drugs/alcohol. We will partner with you and give you resources you may need for your recovery process. You must BE PROACTIVE in identifying your needs and problems and addressing them.

1. Attend recovery meetings on a daily basis or be actively engaged in mental health treatment program. You are required to attend AA/NA or other approved self -help groups.   We encourage you to be actively working with a sponsor/mentor.  

You can be drug tested at any given moment.

2. Weekly house meetings are required and as needed.

3. Actively seek employment, attend school, participate in out-patient therapy or volunteer in the community while you stay at Debra’s home. Your limitations will be considered in determining what is expected.

4. You are expected to treat staff, peers and other people’s property with respect at all times.  Residents Rights are posted on refrigerator.

5. The curfew for unemployed residents is 10:00pm every night. Curfew for employed residents is Sunday-Thursday is 11:00pm; Friday-Saturday is 1:00am. Residents who do not return by curfew and/or do not call will be considered in violation; emergency situations will be considered. 

6. You are not to use any prescribed medication that is not yours, nor abuse any medication or sell any prescribed medications. Lock-boxes must be purchased for medications. All medications, including over the counter, must be kept in the lock boxes at all times. Residents are never to take medications in front of other residents.

7. Debra’s House may cut any lock off in order to perform an inspection if resident refuses access. 

8. You are able to use our computer for job searches, program projects, assignments, and emailing. Please be respectful of other peoples needing computer use.  Computes may not be used for any inappropriate manner (e.g. no sexually explicit or obscene content). If you don’t know if the site is permitted, you must ask.


For the joy to be found living in community it is necessary to adhere to these rules. These rules are made so you may enjoy housing security; feel connected within a home and to achieve respect by your peers. Debra’s House is an environment of support and accountability.  

1. Immediately clean up any area you use (Kitchen, Bathroom, and Common area). Bath towels must be hung up after showering It is expected that you will thoroughly clean the bathroom after your use.

Please use bedroom or designated area for hair and make-up as others may need to use bathroom.

2. Rooms will be kept orderly and clean beds will be made daily when not occupied, dirty dishes should be removed daily and washed. Trash should be emptied daily. Rooms are shared rooms, unless arrangements are made. If there is an open bed in your room, you are responsible for maintaining the bed. You may not use the spare bed, dresser or closet.

Do not enter another resident’s bedroom without prior permission.

Storage is provided in our storage area.

3. Chores will be assigned weekly and must be completed by 10a.m. and must be checked off the chore list. The chore list is in the kitchen. If you cannot do your chore, you need to make arrangements with another resident to cover it for you. The house will be deep cleaned every week. Chores will include thorough cleanup of common areas (kitchens, bathrooms, living room).

Each tenant is responsible for cleaning up after themselves, and participating in communal chores as necessary. A $30/month Cleaning Service fee may be charged to anyone that is not cooperating with expected cleaning procedures.

4. The house and driveway area are to be clean at all times. (Guest ready.)

5. Smoking is outside. Please clean up your smoking materials.

6. If you own a vehicle it must be functioning and not in disrepair (leaking oil, smoking) you must also have proof of license and insurance. Parking is first come first served. There is no assigned parking. If you damage someone’s car, it is your responsibility. We do not get involved.

8. No pets are allowed.

9. No violations of parole or probation conditions are permitted. Absolutely no threatening, intimidating, lewd or violent behavior will be tolerated. No firearms are permitted.

10. If a resident is aware of another resident violating house rules, and does not bring it to the immediate attention of resident manager, the enabling resident will be considered for discharge from the program. 

11. No loitering in the neighborhood is allowed. We practice “Good Neighbor” philosophy.

12. The resident is responsible for any guest that is brought into the house. Guests are to respect all rules. If a guest is brought into the house under the influence of any substance they will be asked to leave and resident will be considered for discharge. Guests are to remain in common areas and not allowed in bedrooms.  Guests must not be in the home later than 8pm on weekdays and 10pm on the weekend .

You break the rules and are asked to leave, there is no refund.


Following Debra's House rules will help you to experience success in our home. We also encourage weekly dinners. Weekly dinners are important to help foster friendships and are encouraged to build a home atmosphere. 

Verbal support is important. Praising residents who clean, hang curtains, or show any type of buy-in regarding the house, tends to support a sense of ownership.

After six months of residence, a resident may be asked to be team leader for the house.

Get in touch with any questions or to learn more.

House Rules: House Rules
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